Taking Cleaner Air Oregon to the next level

We are beginning work with data collected under Cleaner Air Oregon (CAO) to promote the elimination of hazardous emissions, not just mitigate effects.

Governor Kate Brown launched CAO in response to concerns from communities about their exposure to air pollution. CAO aims to reduce hazardous chemical emissions across Oregon by working with businesses to mitigate emissions with the best available technology. CAO required businesses to submit information about emissions of 633 hazard chemicals. Using both quantitative and qualitative screening factors, the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (OR DEQ) has now released their initial prioritization work. Twenty businesses will work with DEQ to mitigate emissions this year.

Instead of mitigating emissions after they are created, our work will look to eliminate emissions at the source. We will prioritize CAO chemicals by hazard and quantity, and explore the viability of an alternatives assessment of those chemicals. Our research will answer the following questions: What is the function of the hazardous chemical being used today? Are there alternatives on the market now? What promising emerging technologies could replace it? Can the generation of a hazardous byproduct be eliminated by continuous real-time monitoring?

Please contact Dr. Amelia Nestler to suggest potential alternatives, green chemistry techniques, or innovations that will eliminate the generation of  hazardous chemicals on the CAO list.