Request for Feedback: Washington State Antifouling Boat Paint Alternatives Assessment

Northwest Green Chemistry is inviting feedback from interested parties and individuals on the draft final Washington State Antifouling Alternatives Assessment (AA) report.  NGC has received valuable input throughout the past year, as well as at numerous events, such as the Seattle Boat Show and the Northwest Marina and Boatyard Conference.  We seek your help in ensuring that the results of our AA work are reported in a way that is relevant and useful.

Download the draft final report and the supplemental excel file.

You may submit comments by completing this form or by emailing us at  Please include the following information in your email to ensure your feedback is counted:

  • Name, organization, and any additional relevant credentials you would like to share.

  • The section of the report you are addressing.

  • The page number, table number, or figure number, if you are referring to a specific part of the text.

We welcome both general and specific comments.  We are interested in your thoughts on where to go from here. How might we maintain this information as products change and novel technologies come to the market?  What would you recommend as priorities for future study?  Is the information in this report presented in a way that supports informed decision making?

Thank you in advance for taking the time to provide your responses. The deadline for feedback is September 11th, 2017, at noon Pacific (3 PM Eastern).

A representative from NGC, may follow up with you.  Responses are not considered confidential.

Learn more about the project by reviewing previous news items and stakeholders calls. 

Join us on September 7th at 1:30 Pacific/4:30 Eastern for a webinar reviewing the final results.

The comment period has ended.