Products Being Assessed for the Washington State Antifouling Boat Paint Alternatives Assessment

After consultation with manufacturers, formulators, boatyard operators, and other stakeholders, Northwest Green Chemistry developed a list of 20 products to assess in the Washington State Antifouling Boat Paint Alternatives Assessment.  These products represent the variety of technologies currently available for boat owners in Washington State.

About half of the products are paints using biocides, including different combinations of the biocides Zinc Pyrithione, Econea, and Seanine.  These biocide-based antifouling paints are designed to steadily release small quantities of toxic compounds, killing any algae, barnacles, or other marine life near the boat hull.  In addition to assessing the products as a whole, NGC will directly compare these biocides.  

Most of the remainder are varying types of foul-release paints.  These products function by providing a surface that marine life does not adhere to well.  Typically, a stationary boat coated with a foul-release paint will experience some growth over time.  Once underway, the growth falls off due to the smooth surface and poor adhesion.  Some of these coatings, such as the ceramic coatings, provide a strong surface that can be cleaned using pneumatic brushes.  Foul-release paints tend to be more expensive than biocide-based paints, but may last longer with regular cleaning.

One non-paint technology based on sound completes the list.  Mounted on the inside of the hull, this ultrasonic device prevents fouling while powered.  

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The 20 products:

  1. ePaint Ecominder
  2. Pettit Hydrocoat Eco
  3. Pettit Alumaspray Plus
  4. Sea Hawk Mission Bay
  5. West Marine CFA Eco
  6. AkzoNobel Interlux Micron CF
  7. ePaint SN-1
  8. AkzoNobel Interlux Pacifica Plus
  9. Pettit Ultima Eco
  10. Sherwin Williams Sea Voyage
  11. Sea Hawk Smart Solution
  12. UltraSonic Antifouling
  13. CeRam-Kote 54 SST
  14. Rugged Coatings/Coval Marine & Hull Coat
  15. Hempel Hempasil X3+ 87500
  16. Oceanmax Propseed
  17. Aurora VS721
  18. ePaint EP21
  19. Sound Specialty Coatings Aquaply M
  20. Hempel Hempadur Quattro XO 17870