Opportunity to provide feedback on the Washington State Antifouling Boat Paint Alternatives Assessment

The third stakeholders call has been scheduled!  Join us Thursday, March 30th, from 10:00 - 11:30 AM PT, to discuss the current progress and criteria for the Washington State Antifouling Boat Paint Alternatives Assessment.

Washington State requires that copper in anti-fouling boat paint be phased out for recreational use by 2020. The Puget Sound has high levels of copper, which negatively affects marine life such as salmon.

Northwest Green Chemistry and the Washington Department of Ecology are working together with the Clean Boating Foundation and stakeholders to conduct a comprehensive alternatives assessment to avoid regrettable substitutions and ensure that new technologies are safer for all. The alternatives assessment evaluates boat antifouling technologies based on hazard, comparative exposure, cost and availability, performance and additional stakeholder concerns.

This is the third stakeholder meeting for this project. During the previous call, NGC presented an overview of the evaluation criteria for the four required modules (hazard, cost & availability, performance, and exposure) and the additional stakeholder concerns module (including chemicals of concern to boatyards, VOCs, and chemicals of concern to Puget Sound). NGC will review the criteria, then delve deeper into detailed criteria, preliminary results, and communication of these results.