NGC, Washington State Dept. of Ecology Share EPA Environmental Award

Northwest Green Chemistry, together with the Washington State Department of Ecology, have received one of 21 'Safer Choice Partner of the Year' awards from the US Environmental Protection Agency.

"Northwest Green Chemistry is thrilled to be sharing this award with the Washington State Department of Ecology, and proud to be recognized by the US EPA,” said Dr. Lauren Heine, Chair of the NGC Advisory Board.  “In just two years, we've made great strides in helping businesses and the public in the Pacific Northwest and beyond make safer choices through green chemistry and better environmental practices.  We look forward to continuing that work."

EPA Safer Choice—known before this year as Design for the Environment—is a program that advocates the design, manufacture, promotion and use of products with ingredients that have been evaluated by EPA scientists to ensure they are safe for humans and the environments.  Products that meet EPA’s stringent requirements are labeled for the public, so that when people use Safer Choice products, they are protecting their families and the environment by making safer chemical choices. Currently, the Safer Choice Program has nearly 500 formulator-manufacturer partners who make more than 2,000 products for retail and institutional customers.

NGC and Ecology were cited by EPA for working to advance safer chemistry and products through legislative and other activities, participating in several Safer Choice-related initiatives, and promoting use of Safer Choice products through outreach, media campaigns, and the Safer Chemistry challenge.