GC3 Challenge: Developing New Preservatives for Personal Care & Household Products

The pallet of available preservatives for personal care and household products has been limited by regulatory bans & restrictions as well as consumer, retailer, supplier, brand, and non-governmental organization pressure.  As a result, microorganisms may develop resistances, and users may be overexposed to the this smaller set of preservatives, leading to potential skin sensitization, allergic reactions, and other adverse effects.

The Green Chemistry and Commerce Council (GC3) has brought together numerous sponsors to encourage innovation in green chemistry solutions.  Both preservatives (broad spectrum or single action chemical agents) and preservative boosters are eligible.

The is an excellent opportunity to gain funds, visibility, feedback, and connections to potential investors or partners.  They expect to award 3-5 cash prizes from a prize pool of $175,000.  Submissions are due August 24, 2017, and will be evaluated on a rolling basis.  Learn more.