ChemSec: A chemical dating service

How does a car seat find her perfect flame retardant match when she has standards on hazard and sustainability?

The ChemSec Marketplace strives to be a one-stop solution to bringing safer chemical suppliers together with companies dedicated to substituting out hazardous chemicals. You can search the database by chemical functions, relevant industry, or a specific hazardous chemical to find a safer match. Since the marketplace is a two way street, you can request safer alternatives for hazardous chemicals you are currently using or contact potential customers with your own safer solution.

By supporting the adoption of safer alternatives, the ChemSec Marketplace is part of the final, unwritten step of an Alternatives Assessment: Taking action. Learn more about it in the webinar NGC hosted last October. ChemSec’s Dr. Kleimark describes the Marketplace and ChemSec’s work on phthalates as part of the HCPP project. Drs. Heine and Nestler provide an update on our phthalates Alternatives Assessment.

Learn more about the GreenScreen for Safer Chemicals, the SIN list, and PBTs.