Our Mission

Northwest Green Chemistry enhances human and environmental health by fostering innovation and economic opportunities through sustainable and green chemistry and engineering solutions.

Our Vision

NGC facilitates solutions to global sustainability challenges linked to chemicals, materials, and products in a collaborative way while encouraging innovation.

Our Values


We welcome the input of interested parties, engaging not only those that share our organizational values but those that oppose them, to find the best solutions.

We work with partners to expand our influence, provide resources and expertise, and assist others in achieving positive outcomes.

We know we are stronger together, collective impact requires networks of organizations.



We ascribe to the precautionary principle. In risk assessment and management decision-making this principle states that if there is suspected risk to an action or product the burden of proof of safety is borne by the producer or actor.

We enact an environmental ethic that weighs human and environmental needs to protect human and ecological health.

We honor the uniqueness of each person and embrace diverse backgrounds, values, and points of view to build a strong, equitable and inclusive community of practice. This value informs hiring, board recruitment, collaboration, interested party engagement, and the programs, projects, and practices of the organization. 



We embrace the alternatives assessment framework. This framework is based on systems thinking and uses meaningful metrics from life cycle assessment, toxicology, hazard and exposure assessment, cost analysis, social science and social impacts assessment, performance assessment, and material flow analysis.

We use green chemistry, green engineering, and sustainable design principles and practices to design studies and recommend solutions.

We will innovate frameworks, processes, and products that put principles first.


We know that innovation is the key to accomplishing our mission and vision. We commit to incubating creativity and innovation internally and externally.

We participate in the joint fact finding process, incorporating science and collaborators’ values into decision-making.



We acknowledge the necessity of our interdependence to address complex environmental and public health issues but maintain our independence to provide scientific data and analysis for decision-making and policy enhancement or development.

We believe in transparency, our own and in encouraging others to reveal information that can impact human health and the environment. Accountability is the cornerstone of earning the public trust and doing public good.



We know that change is difficult and that the most sustainable solutions are those that are practical and aligned with the needs and cultural or business practices of the individual or organization applying them. 

While reports and tools may be steeped in rigorous science, the outputs must be as clear and simple, and actionable as feasible.

There is no one size fits all solution for everyone. Therefore we inform decision-making toward more sustainable choices.  We recognize that contextual solutions are best and leave room for variability and innovation.