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Green Solvents: Design, Selection and Commercial Use

The discovery and industrial use of green solvents should encompass three interconnected steps: 1) expansion of current green chemical diversity, 2) use of such diversity to design functional products, 3) implementation of manufacturing systems for functionally optimal green chemicals. Carles Estévez, co-founder and Scientific Director at InKemia, will discuss the technical approaches to achieve the goal of introducing green solvents in processes and products, with functions ranging from simple cleaning agents or reaction solvents to vehicles in complex systems such as coatings, cosmetics, and agrochemical formulations. He will illustrate the conceptual framework with examples of developments in these sectors and discuss what it will take, in terms of knowledge and competencies, for a green chemistry practitioner to implement safer products and formulations based on green chemicals. Carles will finish by presenting InKemia’s view of the innovation pathway towards a world economy based on green chemicals and the role of academia, industry and government.

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