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First Line of Defense: a Tool for Chemical Hazard Assessment

Ever had a toxic chemical you wanted to eliminate from your product, laboratory or manufacturing process and wondered "where do I start?" The Washington State Department Ecology is presenting a webinar introducing the List Translator, a simple tool used to screen chemicals for known chemical hazards. The List Translator that will be discussed is an automated tool easy for anyone to use regardless of their experience or knowledge related to chemical hazards. You can evaluate chemicals you currently use or may use in the future. It helps you avoid replacing a toxic chemical with something that is equally toxic or, in some cases, even more toxic.

In this webinar you will learn the basic principles of chemical hazard assessments, why they are of interest and basic tools to identify and screen out hazardous chemicals. 


  • Michel Dedeo, Chemist, Healthy Building Network
  • Alex Stone, Chemist, Department of Ecology

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