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ChemSec Marketplace and its role in advancing safer alternatives: Focus on phthalates

In the recent years there has been a drive by companies to substitute hazardous chemicals in their products and supply chain with safer alternatives. However, these alternatives are often hard to find. ChemSec Marketplace is a new website where buyers and sellers of green chemistry solutions and safer alternatives can interact.

The idea behind Marketplace is to achieve two goals: to provide a unique marketing opportunity for producers of innovative solutions and to become the global hub for downstream user companies looking to substitute hazardous chemicals.

Do you want to replace a chemical with a better solution? Search the database and filter for chemical functions, relevant industry or a specific hazardous chemical that you are looking for safer alternatives to and you’ll see if there is something for you to explore further.

Dr. Kleimark, Senior Chemicals Advisor at Chemsec, will present on the Marketplace's role in promoting safer alternatives. Drs. Heine and Nestler from Northwest Green Chemistry will provide an update on their work identifying inherently less hazardous alternatives to phthalates and how the marketplace can provide a vital role in advancing substitution.

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Dr. Jonatan Kleimark has a PhD in organic chemistry and is a Senior Chemicals Advisor at ChemSec. He has several years of experience as project manager within the Life Science and Medtech industries. With a combination of experience from academia and industry, Jonatan understands the needs and requirements from companies interested in ChemSec’s Marketplace. He is also responsible for ChemSec’s part of the HCPP project, where an alternative assessment of phthalates is conducted.

Learn more about Drs. Heine and Nestler here.